MyDhan- Bano financially atmanirbhar

Managing personal finance & wealth is not easy. Millions of individuals and families struggle with managing daily finances every single day. It’s not just about the access and availability of financial resources – information and awareness are the centres of all the financial planning and management hiccups.

We at MyDhan, decided to change this – and to do so we incorporated multiple financial education and awareness programs as the core of our business – that works in unison with our vision of assisting people in becoming financially atmanirbhar. In order to make these things possible, we are partnering with multiple NGOs, NPOs, Trusts and various other organizations that share our vision and mission. Our content and communications related to information sharing and empowering are devised in multiple languages – (English, Hindi, and Gujarati to begin with) so that everyone can read, be informed and be financially atmanirbhar.

We know that apart from education – having easy access to platforms and technologies for understanding, planning and managing personal finance is equally critical – to facilitate this we are creating a comprehensive Personal Finance Planning & Management app that will be free for all individuals across India.

Our Milestones

Inform and educate 5+ million people by 2030, on how to use financial services, without putting them at risk.

Assisting women to get into the financial agenda of the family and making them aware – more than 3 million women by 2030.

Providing free, easy & secured access of technology with financial data & tools via MyDhan to more than 10 million Indians.

Our Vows towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

As a part of financial inclusion, we have incorporated UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our mission statement. With the help of financial inclusion, we aim to curb on social problems prevailing in India like lack of financial accessibility, gender inequality, lack of insurance awareness through our innovative technological solutions along with secured data access.

SDG 5 - Gender equality

Target: Gender inequality

Our Focus Areas: Getting female into the financial agenda, providing financial literacy to women

Roadmap: By providing information and awareness related to government/ NBFCs/ Pvt bank plans and highlighting the importance of managing their finances and making them participate in family’s financial planning and to prevent digital financial domestic discrimination.

SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

Target: Insuring India

Our Focus Areas: A large part of the Indian soc is uninsured

Roadmap: We will promote insurance products and plans and educate people about the benefits of getting insured. All these will be done through various forms of digital contents like workshops and webinars, digital books, and physical visits (via a partnership with various NGOs) for getting health insurance as it’s one of the integral factors that assist every individual in their journey of being financially responsible to attain financial freedom.

SDG 10 - Reducing Inequalities

Target: Managing personal finance at the fingertip and having access to all the financial data in a single secured platform.

Our Focus Areas: Making people aware of their financial position, and educating them on how to manage their personal finance is only possible through financial literacy. Helping people to choose what’s best for them will help them to grow and lead a better life.

Roadmap: The inequality will be reduced once the individuals can understand the financial benefits offered to them in the market and can utilize them to their best.

Our Team